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About the Omaha Bee Club

The Omaha Bee Club is a group of beekeepers in the Omaha/Metro area.  We were formed in 2010 so that Omaha/Metro area beekeepers could get together and share information and resources as well as a helping hand with each other.  Ultimately, it is our goal to help beekeepers in this area to be more successful.

The Omaha Bee Club now boasts a membership of anywhere from 75 to 100 beekeepers in any given year.  Our monthly meetings are well attended with anywhere from 25 to 45 members at each one!  We have members in Douglas County, Sarpy County, Washington County and even Pottawatomie County in Iowa.  Even more interesting is that we have members who come from as far as Sioux City, Beatrice, Nebraska City and many other surrounding areas.

The  Omaha Bee Club is NOT an effort to compete with, replace or otherwise become a state beekeeping association or along that line.  We simply are a bunch of beekeepers in the Omaha area who want to learn from each other and help each other to be better beekeepers.

We are doing a few things as a bee club in the area to help the community and to help our member beekeepers.  We are offering beekeeping classes through the year and we are managing a Certified Master Beekeeper Program.  We are listed frequently as the first place to call for bee swarms and bee removals in the area.  We are also asked frequently to provide presentations on bees and beekeeping to schools, community groups and other clubs.  New members join wanting to learn beekeeping at the hands of an experienced mentor.

Because we want to be sure that the beekeepers we refer these calls to are able to consistently perform as expected and in a manner that we feel represents the beekeeping community with respect, we began the Master Beekeeper certification program.  When you call the Omaha Bee Club for someone to do a bee capture or a presentation or to be a Mentor, we will be sending those calls to Master Beekeepers who have gone above and beyond to demonstrate their education, experience and ability to do it as it should be done.  They are our Ambassadors of Beekeeping.

We get together about once a month to talk and swap bee stories with each other and have a knowledgeable speaker or two teach us about what's new and or interesting in the beekeeping world today.

As we tell all new members, you get out of the bee club what you put in.  It takes all of us giving our time and energy so that all of us can be better beekeepers.

History of the Omaha Bee Club

The Omaha Bee Club started life with about 4 members in about June of 2010.  Of those founding members still involved today are;  Joe Strecker and Tony Sandoval.

BBE-Tech business owner Tony Sandoval maintains a conservation bee yard at a location on Fontenelle Forest property for the sake of allowing bees that have been "rescued" and relocated to re-establish their colonies and recover from the stress that relocation puts on the colony.

After a couple of people expressed interest in learning beekeeping, the Bee Club was founded.

Because at the time, all the meetings were held at the Conservation bee yard, the group took on the name of "Fontenelle Bee Club" in honor of the place it got it's start.  Since then, the Bee Club changed it's name to Omaha Bee Club to avoid confusion with Fontenelle Forest.

Since that June in 2010, the Bee Club has grown incredibly, with about 90 memberships having with several of those being family/group memberships, we have approximately 90 beekeeper members representing over 120 total people with family memberships taken into consideration. and usually around 35 regular attendees of the monthly Bee Club meetings.  We continue to grow.