About the Omaha Bee Club

Omaha Bee Club Mission

Our mission is to help local beekeepers to be successful in their beekeeping endeavors.

Omaha Bee Club Goals

1) Provide beginning and ongoing education classes and opportunities for area beekeepers

2) Provide a community of support for area beekeepers

3) Provide opportunities for area beekeepers to build success


The Omaha Bee Club coordinates several specific activities and events throughout the year to meet our specific goals and to meet our mission objective.

Ongoing Beekeeping Classes:  The Omaha Bee Club holds a variety of classes to help new beekeepers and established beekeepers to continue to learn new skills and concepts relevant to successful beekeeping.

Master Beekeeper Certification:  The Omaha Bee Club has a Master Beekeeper training and education program to certify area beekeepers as Master Beekeepers which will enable them to do more within the Omaha Bee Club and be a more successful beekeeper.

Community of Support:

The Omaha Bee Club holds a monthly meeting and several meet-up opportunities such as the "Omaha Bee Club Coffee Days" each month for local beekeepers to get to know each other, share information with each other and create an environment that lets them know that they are not alone in their local beekeeping activity.

The Omaha Bee Club maintains a volunteer directory of members that is distributed to all members to facilitate communication and assistance among each other.

The Omaha Bee Club puts out a newsletter to members each month with news of Omaha Bee Club activities and events, member shared information and photos and much more information.

Opportunities To Build Success:

The Omaha Bee Club builds relationships with community local businesses, agencies and community programs to create opportunities for members to practice skills and gain valuable experience such as those described below;

The Omaha Bee Club coordinates "The Bee Team" teaching members to capture bees alive in a variety of situations allowing them to engage in bee conservation as well as providing a valuable service to the community.  We receive referrals from within the community such as Cargill in Blair, UNL Douglas/Sarpy County Extension, City of Omaha, Omaha 911 and the Humane Society.

The Omaha Bee Club works with community partners to identify locations to place bees and beekeepers in desirable locations that will benefit everyone involved.  Working with partners such as the Papio-NRD, Omaha homeowners and residents and local businesses such as Wheatfields, Omaha Bee Club members are able to set up apiaries in favorable Locations.

The Omaha Bee Club also works to advise and assist with planting flowering plants that are beneficial to bees with local community gardens, homeowners, agencies such as Papio-NRD, large property management businesses and others to in areas that would otherwise be all grass.

The Omaha Bee Club assists local member beekeepers to set up apiary enclosures that fit into the environment and protect the hives from animals and people that might bother them.  The enclosures also protect people and animals by keeping them away from blocking hive entrances and forcing bees to fly up higher over head as they leave the hives.

The Omaha Bee Club holds public information activities and events throughout the year to teach non-beekeeping area residents about bees and beekeeping in fun, controlled and interesting settings.  One of the primary events we hold is "Bee Fest" held in August each year as a small festival setting which is also our primary fundraiser for the year as well.

History of the Omaha Bee Club

The Omaha Bee Club started life with about 4 members in about June of 2010.  Of those founding members still involved today are;  Joe Strecker and Tony Sandoval.

South Omaha Honey Company owner Tony Sandoval maintains a conservation bee yard at a location on Fontenelle Forest property for the sake of allowing bees that have been "rescued" and relocated to re-establish their colonies and recover from the stress that relocation puts on the colony.

After a couple of people expressed interest in learning beekeeping, the Bee Club was founded.

Because at the time, all the meetings were held at the Conservation bee yard, the group took on the name of "Fontenelle Bee Club" in honor of the place it got it's start.  Since then, the Bee Club changed it's name to Omaha Bee Club to avoid confusion with Fontenelle Forest.

Since that June in 2010, the Bee Club has grown incredibly with over 120 memberships having with several of those being family/group memberships and we continue to add new members every month.